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Charges Filed After Fatal Construction Fall

Victor Lewin - Friday, February 27, 2015

More than 15 months after the fatal accident occurred, a construction company in Halifax was found liable for the death of one of its employees. The deceased 21-year-old man had been cleaning an apartment building in Clayton Park when he fell to his death on Nov. 7, 2013. Investigators who worked on the case say that searches into workplace fatalities like this are complex and often take a long time.

The fatal accident took place while the worker was cleaning on the sixth floor of an apartment building that was still under construction. Before he fell, the Parkland Construction employee had been using a wheelbarrow to remove debris. Following an investigation into the accident, Parkland Construction was cited for multiple safety violations including lack of fall protection or fall protection training, failure to implement a safe method for lowering debris and lack of a safe work plan.

In addition to the charges that were issued against the construction company, a supervisor at Parkland Construction received charges for the worker's death. The supervisor was charged for failing to take precautions to protect a worker's health and failure to provide fall protection. The supervisor and the construction company were both scheduled to be arraigned on March 25.

A family who has lost one of their loved one in a fatal accident like this might be able to claim some financial compensation from the liable parties. Speaking with a lawyer may be a good way to determine whether a wrongful death claim can be filed. During this difficult time, a lawyer may be able to help a grieving family to file all of the necessary paperwork to claim compensation.

Source: Nova News Now, "Charges laid against Nova Scotia company, supervisor, after worker dies from fall at construction site," Feb. 18, 2015

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