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Physiomesh: hernia repair mesh class action

Victor Lewin - Thursday, August 17, 2017

Wagners is investigating a possible class action relating to a surgical mesh used in operation to repair hernias. The surgical mesh is used throughout Canada, including Nova Scotia.

Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh is manufactured by Ethicon, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson. The mesh is used in surgical procedures and is implanted laparoscopically inside the abdominal wall. The mesh is supposed to help strengthen the surgical area and to prevent the redevelopment of the hernia.

Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson removed Physiomesh from the consumer market in approximately May 2016. A formal recall was made by Health Canada in June 2016. Johnson & Johnson had similar issues in 2012 with another of its mesh products used in various pelvic and organ issues.

Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson stated that the Physiomesh product was withdrawn due to evidence that it caused more issues and failures than other mesh products that are used in surgical procedures and required further surgical intervention.

The main concerns that have been brought to the public’s attention deal with Physiomesh breaking down and either tearing or migrating from the surgical area. Perforations, abscesses and infections have also been observed.

Patients who have been implanted with Physiomesh report that they suffer from minor discomfort. In a number of cases, the affected recipients of the surgical mesh have also been afflicted with extreme debilitating pain of a disabling nature. Others also report a recurrence in the development of the hernia.

It has been estimated that Physiomesh has been implanted in approximately 30,000 Canadians. 1 out of 10 instances where Physiomesh has been used resulted in failure.

If you or a family member reside in Canada and have had the Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson Physiomesh implanted, we invite you to contact Wagners to discuss your situation.


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