Deer Lake Canal Seepage

Dewey et al v. Kruger Inc. et al

Nfld & Lab Supreme Court File: 2015 04G 0120 CP  

In cooperation with Bob Buckingham Law of St. John’s, Wagners have filed a proposed class action lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, Trial Division, on May 22, 2015.

The class proceeding was filed on behalf of the Plaintiffs against numerous Defendants and seeks damages caused by decades of water seepage from the Deer Lake Canal.

The two law firms, both with experience in class actions, and Wagners with experience in environmental class actions, are working cooperatively on behalf of the Plaintiffs and potential class members.

Numerous properties in Deer Lake have been damaged by many years of excessive water seepage from the Deer Lake Canal. The Deer Lake Canal runs from Grand Lake to the Kruger Hydroelectric Power Generating Station in Deer Lake, NL.

The canal was built approximately 90 years ago and since that time it has been seeping water which has been flooding the homes in the area. Many homes have suffered water damage, flooding and mould.

The lawsuit alleges defects in the design, development and operation of the canal and states that all Defendants failed to act responsibly to ensure the residents living beneath the Deer Lake Canal were protected from property damage and resulting risks of severe health problems caused by constant, persistent water seepage.

At this time it appears in excess of 350 homes are affected by the damage caused by the negligence and the ensuing nuisance as a result of the water seepage.

The following documents concerning the class action which has been filed by Wagners and Buckingham Law as a result of the seepage from the canal in Deer Lake, Newfoundland are available for viewing in PDF format:

Wagners is presently accepting enquiries from individuals, who are affected by the seepage from the Deer Lake canal.

A map denoting the proposed class boundary may be found at the end of the Statement of Claim as Schedule "A".

Please review the map to determine if you may be eligible for inclusion as a class member in the proposed class action lawsuit.

To sign up and determine if you qualify, please fill out this registration form:

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