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Newborns are the most vulnerable patients and require the attention of skilled medical professionals to monitor their health and to intervene when issues arise. As parents, you want the best for your child and want to have the ability to attend to his or her needs. If your child has been injured as the result of a physician, surgeon or medical professional’s negligence, we can help. Wagners, a serious injury law firm, will represent you in your birth injury lawsuit.

Lawyers Serving Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island And Beyond — Infant/Newborn Brain Damage Claims

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that involves the brain and nervous system and can affect each person very differently. The disease can be caused by birth injuries, as well as head injuries or infections. In cases involving birth injuries, cerebral palsy can be caused by lack of oxygen to the brain (from failure to monitor a fetus), failure to perform a C-section or other negligent acts.

The lawyers at Wagners have significant knowledge of the varying degrees of cerebral palsy and have reached favourable results for victims of hospital negligence that occurred during the birthing process. We understand the complex nature of medical malpractice cases and will work diligently on your behalf.

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