Surgical Error Claims

Surgical procedures are typically very invasive and leave the patient with a lengthy recovery period. When a surgical procedure is done incorrectly or a doctor acts negligently, the result can be a catastrophic injury that debilitates the patient. All surgeons are held to certain professional and legal standards for providing care, and you can pursue a medical malpractice claim if your surgeon acted negligently.

At Wagners, we stand up for those who have been injured as the result of surgeon negligence in NS, NB and PEI. We have been successful in representing clients in emergency room error claims, misdiagnosis cases and many more areas of medical malpractice.

Causes Of Surgical Errors

Causes of surgical errors can include:

Because of the level of invasiveness of many types of surgeries, errors often lead to catastrophic injuries or even fatalities. Such errors can also lead to damaged organs, internal bleeding and additional problems that require surgeries to fix the mistake. We at Wagners have in-depth knowledge of both the legal and medical aspects of complex surgical error claims, allowing us to take a highly strategic approach to representing our clients. We are here as advocates for you, regardless of the level of complexity of the situation.

Act Now And Consult A Lawyer

Surgical error claims require immediate attention, so it is important you talk to a lawyer about your options. At Wagners, we will provide an objective analysis of the legal situation you are facing and honest answers about your options.

Representing Injured Victims — Surgery Malpractice Lawyers

If you have been seriously injured, please contact a lawyer at Wagners to discuss your case. You can reach our team by calling 902-425-7330 or 1-800-465-8794, or by completing a short online contact form.

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