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Brain injuries affect every person differently. Some patients fully recover, while others are affected by the injury for a lifetime. There many different causes of mild and traumatic brain injuries, ranging from car accidents to construction site accidents. At Wagners, we represent individuals who have suffered serious injuries with skill and determination. Our lawyers have nearly 80 years of combined experience, and will bring our wisdom and knowledge to your claim.

Mild And Traumatic Brain Damage Lawsuits

Mild brain injuries can be the result of a blunt force trauma to the head, such as impact with the ground during a fall. These types of brain injuries can be difficult to detect with a CT scan or MRI, meaning the use of other advanced medical technology may be needed to accurately diagnose the injury. While the word “mild” may make it seem as though the injury is not severe, the reality is that mild brain injuries can have lifelong effects on victims.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the most serious type of brain injury. The victim may suffer loss of consciousness or amnesia after the accident. A TBI often leaves the victim requiring a lifetime of care and without the ability to fully recover from the injury.

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When we at Wagners represent a brain injury victim, we take a very proactive and assertive approach to preparing a case. We are trial lawyers who are known for our ability to undertake complicated cases and win. You can rely on the proven track record we have obtained and our reputation within the community. We are on your side.

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